About Me

Current Year 5s: the 2023 course is fully booked but please email me to get a place on the Waiting List as there is always some movement nearer the time. Alternatively just click and submit on this Google Form – Registration Form for All Years

**BRAND NEW: I am launching a “Self-Study Course” beginning January 7th. It consists of 4 face to face days, with periods of Self-Study in between. Email me for more details on charlottedrewtutoring@gmail.com Details here: https://onedrive.live.com/edit.aspx?resid=12B39BBF94AEAE11!3211

I am a specialist in preparing children for the Wandsworth Test, which children take in September of Year 6 . The test consists solely of Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning. And I’m passionate about helping children make sense of these very challenging tests.

I am a Year 5 teacher at Furzedown Primary School and was a teacher at Honeywell Junior School, an outstanding local Wandsworth state school, for 27 years – mostly in Year 6. I have repeated first-hand experience of administrating the Wandsworth Test with Year 6 classes and am therefore extremely familiar with its content.

I run weekly groups (January of Year 5 through to September of Year 6) and an Intensive Holiday course in the summer holidays for children about to start Y6. See the menu for a link.

There is no selection procedure to get a place on the course; I teach children of all abilities, including children with SEND (provided the rest of the group are not prevented from learning by too much distracting behaviour!).

How I work:

At my house in Crowborough Road with groups of up to 8 children

 Each session lasts one hour

– There are usually 23 sessions in total

 The weekly sessions run, mainly during term time, from mid January of Year 5, until the test in the third or fourth week of September in Year 6

I run the sessions at various times after school on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and also on Saturday mornings

– My rates are based on £32 p/hr

– I have some places for children on Free School Meals at a 50% discount

– The total cost is around £736 in total. You have options to pay upfront or in monthly installments

– I offer optional revision sessions during August (extra cost) to keep the learning ticking over

What is included:

 All practice materials and tests (value of materials around £80) and homework materials

 All stationery

 Drinks and biscuits

– A programme of homework for the Easter and Summer Holidays

What I teach:

Verbal reasoning: 23 different question types

Non-verbal reasoning: 7 different question types

 Strategies for accuracy, pitfalls to avoid, top tips for speed, and lots of timed practice

Practice materials are very similar to the real Wandsworth Test

 The practice papers I use in the weeks running up to the Test look identical to the real ones

Why groups?

The children share ideas and strategies

Many children are motivated by friendly competition

All the children have fun – a key ingredient to successful learning – and they don’t moan about coming!

Why me?

I have 25 years experience in teaching this material, and I love it!

I have helped scores of children at Honeywell, Furzedown, Penwortham, Tooting Primary, Fircroft, St Boniface, Rutherford House, Sellincourt and numerous other schools gain selective places at Graveney, as well as at Grammar schools, and independent schools.

-Based on initial assessments, I will give you a ball-park prediction of what your child might score in the Test and adjust this as your child progresses.

I have administered the Wandsworth Test numerous times so am very familiar with the content.

My pupils tend to improve their scores by between 40% and 60% over the duration of the course.

I have a long list of hundreds of past clients willing to talk to prospective parents.

Why get tutoring at all, especially if you live in the Graveney catchment area?

–   Parents want their children to feel confident and do their best.

–  The complicated and varied nature of the tests mean that even the most able child would be unlikely to complete the paper in the time allowed.

The test would be a very stressful experience for an unprepared child.

A child cannot show his/her real ability if they have not practised the questions at speed. 

– Many schools, including Graveney, use the test scores (alongside SATS scores) to inform their decisions about streaming

Finally, I am DBS checked and have Public Liability Insurance.