Getting a selective place at Graveney

Graveney offer 70 Year 7 places to pupils who score the highest scores in the Wandsworth Test; pupils apply from within Wandsworth and beyond.

If you do not live within the “catchment area” (which is not fixed and changes each year according to the cohort), have a child there already, or have a “looked after” (fostered or adopted) child, you will need one of these selective places to get in.

The scoring system is complicated and is age-adjusted. If you have a summer-born child, they will be given a few more points. The maximum score is 282, 141 for each of the two papers, and the score for VR and NVR is added together. Below are the scores that have been required to get a Selective Place. These can only roughly be translated into percentages (because of the variation of the age-related adjustment) but children will need to score an average score of around 90% to get a place. (The lowest was in 2016 when pupils with around 86% eventually got a place.) If any of this is not clear, please get in touch and I can explain!

Graveney School (total NVR and VR score used)
2018                248 total marks
2017                246 total marks
2016                244 total marks
2015                246 total marks