Zack’s mum – Intensive Summer Course

My son was “buzzing” every day. Not a normal reaction when I ask him to do school work! He loved every day and was very excited to report back what he learnt each day and very excited to go back the next day. He was gutted it was over in a week.

Dominic’s mum

Charlotte’s Intensive Summer Course was brilliant. She has an amazing talent for making even the driest subject interesting and fun. That skill, combined with her intimate knowledge of the Wandsworth test, makes her uniquely qualified to get the best out of her students.

Dominic had been dabbling in VR and NVR for several months now, but the extra structure Charlotte provided, and the additional methodology she introduced have really helped him. Thank you!


Dario’s mum

Charlotte Drew is uniquely skilled to turn reluctant children into being excited about the 11+ test. She uses a combination of encouragement, group work, incentives and small rewards to get her students to learn and support each other in a conducive environment. My son raved about her and reported that his own skills and confidence had grown tremendously thanks to Charlotte. I have no hesitation in recommending her to parents who want to help their children prepare for the Wandsworth 11+ test.

Tom’s mum

We signed our 10-year old son, Tom, up to Charlotte’s intensive summer course, with the main aim of increasing his confidence to tackle the Wandsworth Test. We were a little nervous asking him to give up some of his precious holiday time, but we needn’t have worried. He was more than happy to come in every day, and he came out buzzing with confidence at the end of the week, keen to practise, practice, practise…which is more than we could have asked for. Charlotte’s expertise was evident from day 1, you feel your child is in a very safe & knowledgeable pair of hands. She also manages to create a warm, nurturing yet fun environment, no mean feat given the subject matter! Thank you again Charlotte, we were so glad we found you!

M – weekly course 2018/9

“We just had M’s results: NVR 141, VR 132, TOTAL 273.

I hope that she will be ok to go to Graveney because that is her wish.  Thank you so much for your amazing teaching and support you gave her.

We will see you again with our youngest girl in about one year.”

M will definitely get a Graveney offer with that score (almost 97%).

Jordi, father of Jeronimo

“Summer Intensive Course: “Fantastic programme, and the children enjoyed the work a lot even though it at first looked too challenging.”


Lucie, mother of George

“We are so so happy he has done so well and cannot thank you enough for helping him reach his potential.  So proud of him.  He is so chuffed and even told me to tell you immediately!  Thanks again and we will see you again in 3 years with our daughter! Could not recommend you enough so if you ever need a reference let us know.” 

Bob, father of Daniel

“Daniel’s combined score was 273 so I worked out this as 97%. We found this as a very good result and we hope he will be offered a place in Graveney. I would like to THANK YOU!!!! so much for your help to teach Daniel how to achieve such a good result on the tests.”

Kim, mother of Angus

“Please tell anyone who wants a recommendation to call me. I’m a massive fan!”

Tess, mother of Gabriel

“Thanks for the tutoring and support. It did the job perfectly for Gabe, as he was confident when he went into the test and felt confident when he came out. I wanted him to feel he had done his best and he did.  If he hadn’t had the tutoring, he would have been a lot more stressed. So thank you.”

Bernard, Father of Penn

“We thought you might like to know that Pen got 282/282 in the tests, so thanks for all your work with him. We are delighted and very proud. We understand there were only 3 children in the borough with this score (including Pen). We are grateful for your work with him, and he was clearly as well prepared as he could have been.”

Candida, mother of Iris

“My daughter thrived under Charlotte’s careful care. My daughter genuinely enjoyed Charlotte’s lessons and looked forward to them. She passed the Wandsworth test and got 100% in one of the papers which would not have been possible without Charlotte’s help. Although my son will benefit from the sibling rule he has asked for lessons with Charlotte just because he saw how much his big sister enjoyed them.”

Bob, father of Daniel

“Daniel’s combined score was 273 so I worked out this as 97%. 
We found this as a very good result and we hope he will be offered a place in Graveney.
I would like to THANK YOU so much for your help teaching Daniel how to achieve a good result. We are so happy.”

Josie, mother of Laura

“My daughter benefited enormously….her results were excellent and exceeded our excpectations. Not only that but Laura says she misses her weekly sessions now they are over! Charlotte provided great resources, well-structured homework, good feedback and – most importantly – huge encouragement which really helps her pupils fulfill their potential.”

Marie-Amelie, mother of Isabel

” We were looking to give our daughter  some experience in taking exams and some visibility of the types of questions that come up at the Wandsworth test. Most of all we wanted  to bolster her confidence ahead of secondary school.
We heard about Charlotte from and decided to go with her as the groups are small and the emphasis is on learning and fun with each member of the group getting attention where and when needed. The dynamic of the group worked really well

I have no reservation in recommending Charlotte as a tutor.”

Best Wishes Marie-Amelie

Duncan, age 11

” Charlotte really helped me with the tests. She made them fun by getting us to do races between the girls and the boys! She explained clearly how to do them and was very patient with us. But best of all were the chocolate biscuits!” 

Sibylla, mother of Lucy

” Charlotte had a systematic way of teaching my daughter the methods needed to tackle verbal and non-verbal reasoning papers and taught her how to use a tactical approach. Most importantly Charlotte managed to make her tutorial sessions fun and interesting so that my daughter looked forward to them and never once complained about going along. I would definitely recommend Charlotte.”

Selina, mother of Ciara

” Dear Charlotte,

Many thanks for the guiding both Ciara and myself (Selina!) through the  Wandsworth Test preparation. You’ve been absolutely invaluable!!A huge thank you for supporting us all – you thought you only took on Ciara, but no, it was a lot of hand holding for me too!Thanks to your lovely family for giving up their home as well.

Much appreciated. I will let you know how Ciara does.

Thank you once again. I will be highly recommending to future year 6 parents.

Love and best wishes,

Selina, Ronnie & Ciara

xxx “

Sarah, in catchment, mother of Fircroft Pupil

“ My son enjoyed his sessions and his scores improved hugely, as his offer of a place at Graveney has  proved! He is now loving being in the Extension class there.  Worth every penny.”

Andi, mother of Penwortham pupil

“ We are on the Graveney boundary so wanted to make sure we gave H every chance. He is very able but these tests are so specific we felt unable to support him. ..found Charlotte’s tutoring invaluable and money well spent.”

H has since got a Graveney place.

Rachel, mother of 2

“ Charlotte is highly skilled and experienced…makes her sessions fun and challenging… rapid progress and exceptional results.  My children went into the exam fully confident.”